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Living Room Makeover

Next up on my DIY list was the living room!

We finally got around to painting an accent wall in our living room. I do not remember the color we originally picked out but then we saw this guy on the “Oops” Shelf for $9 and it was a pretty close match! It’s definitely lighter in person but I just couldn’t get a good picture:


Then it was time to decorate! My husband leaves pretty much all the decorating up to me. If there’s something he really wants, then he’ll speak up but for the most part he leaves it to me!

(The Christmas tree is not part of this post, it was just already up when I got around to taking these pictures!)


Now let’s go through each piece!

These are Hobby Lobby letters that I painted purple:


I had this board leftover from another project and used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl:


Just a leftover frame, some scrapbook paper and a creative mind for this one:

(Hot Air Balloons floating over the mountains, I hand drew everything)


I also love to cross stitch so I was able to add two of my finished cross stitches to the wall:



I finally remembered to take a before picture! This is what I’m talking about when I say I use my Silhouette to make stencils:


Then I paint over the “stencil”, peel off and voila!:

(I painted the happy birds and happy trees 🙂


Cross was from Hobby Lobby, and I used vinyl:


See how the “Z” is coming up? This is why I usually choose to create stencils and paint directly onto the wood.

“T” from Hobby Lobby and vinyl again:


This is the only piece I 100% bought. Found it at Kohl’s during their Black Friday Sales and couldn’t pass it up!


Again, had a leftover board from another project and painted this quote on it:


Arrow from Hobby Lobby and vinyl again:


Board was a gift and used vinyl/painted the black words:


Board from Hobby Lobby and vinyl again:


Every piece on the wall was thought out and added because it brings me joy. I don’t think you should have anything hanging on your walls that doesn’t bring you joy. I enjoy having a lot of quotes because they each mean something to me and they are a reminder every time I see them. I especially love the “Blessed” and “Grateful” over the windows. They remind me of just how blessed my life is and how I need to be grateful for the wonderful things I have been blessed with.

Hope you enjoyed this post with all the pictures!



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Guest Room Makeover

Today I’m here with a crafty blog! With most of my family coming here this year for Christmas, it was time to finish the guest room. (We’ll have to find places to put air mattress for 3 of them, but at least my mom and step-dad will have an actual bed!)

The guest room used to be my craft room, then it was the guest room when the boys shared a room, then it was D’s room, and now it’s back to a guest room!

Here’s the before:



I really love color on the walls. Almost every room in our house has one wall painted, I like accent walls. I think they make more of a statement than painting every wall. I’m also AWFUL at deciding on a color. When we went to pick out this color, I realized I’m WAY more picky than I thought. I didn’t want to do purple, teal, green, or blue because those colors are already in the house. I didn’t even realize I cared until we were picking out colors! My sweet husband was like “but some of those colors are downstairs and this is upstairs” and I was like “it doesn’t matter! i don’t want the same color used in the house twice”. So, anyways, we finally settled on the color he picked out, because he is just amazing at finding the right color! When I was painting the wall, though, I was like “ahh i don’t know if I like this” but after two coats I LOVED it.

Here it is:


You’ll notice that I don’t tape the ceiling. I have a really hard time taping it, so I just VERY CAREFULLY use the edger to do the ceiling. As long as you take your time and don’t put too much paint on the edger, you’ll do just fine! Also, I’m not a professional so my lines are not perfect but that doesn’t bother me. If it bothers you, then I would probably suggest taping the ceiling.

The color is Behr’s Blazing Autumn from Hope Depot. It makes a statement but is also more subdued and makes the guest room feel comfortable instead of having a bright color screaming at guests!

Another important thing to note is that I painted this over a tan wall, not a white wall. Our whole house was painted tan when we moved in. On a whiter wall, this color may be brighter than it is here. Or not, I’m not really sure if that makes a difference but thought I’d note it anyway!

I think I also like accent walls because then I really only have to decorate one wall!

IMG_6818 2

The “Be Our Guest” is individual wood letters I bought at Hobby Lobby and painted teal.

Sidenote: I LOVE to shop Home Depot’s “Oops” Paints. They are usually located beneath the paint counter. Most of them are sample paints and are .50 each. (Sometimes they’ll have a gallon, that’s actually where we found our living room color! I think it was about $15, it was normally a $30 gallon of paint.) I have SO MANY of them and keep buying them every time I go and see a color I don’t have! I love them because they are so much bigger than the craft paints I buy from Hobby Lobby, they are cheaper, and I don’t have to use as many coats when I’m painting something.

I love this next idea:


I used the tracing pens with my Silhouette to make this one. Sometimes the lighter colors, like the orange “Welcome” don’t trace completely so I’ll take a sharpie and trace over it and then color it in. A little time consuming, yes, but it looks great!

When I was painting the wall, I realized it reminded me of the desert, so while the first coat was drying, I went and created this:

IMG_6820 2

I’m actually super proud of this, even though it looks amateur (it is amateur!). It is the first painting I’ve EVER DONE that is completely hand drawn by me! I usually use my Silhouette to cut out silhouettes that I will trace so that everything is perfect. But on this, I just hand drew everything! It is so not perfect but that’s what I love about it. It’s the first thing I’m letting my perfectionism go on!

And our guest room is finished and ready for family to come visit for Christmas!



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Kitchen Re-Do

How about a blog where I’m not just talking on and on and on?

When we moved into our house, the kitchen had WALLPAPER. Ugly, ugly wallpaper. Well for the first year, we just lived with it. Then one day, we decided to DO something about it! We rented a wallpaper steamer (i think it’s called something like that) from Home Depot & in two days I had removed all the wallpaper. Surprisingly, while I have little patience for mostly anything, I had a lot of patience for removing wallpaper.

No befores of the ugly wallpaper, just after pics:IMG_3519IMG_3517

Then came the hard decision, what color??? I love picking out colors, the hard part is narrowing it down to one. However, this color just seemed to jump out at me:

It’s a blue-gray, the pics don’t do it justice, but when do they ever? I can never seem to get the true color on camera.


Then for my favorite part: DECOR! And yes, I made everything myself:


Ingredients: Huge Letters from Hobby Lobby, Painters Tape, Your choice of PaintIMG_4217

Ingredients: Canvas from Hobby Lobby, Paint, Silhouette

I use my Silhouette to cut out the words in vinyl, then I modge podge them onto the canvas like a stencil and paint. IMG_4212

Ingredients: Canvas from Hobby Lobby, Paint, Silhouette

*Follow Steps from Above*IMG_4214

Ingredients: Canvas from Hobby Lobby, Paint, Silhouette

*Follow Steps from Above*IMG_4213

Ingredients: Canvas from Hobby Lobby, Paint, Silhouette

*Follow Steps from Above*

IMG_4215Yes, I realize some of the pictures are dark but I just suck with a camera, ok?!

I seriously LOVE my Silhouette. I could not do most of my projects without it.

Hope you enjoyed a blog with more pictures than words this time!