Hi! I’m Nikki!

I’m 27 years old. I have a pretty close knit family who I love more than anything. Everyone in my family lives almost within one state of each other (except one of my brothers who is the hold out in Florida) so we enjoy getting together as much as we can!

My husband and I have been married almost 6 years! We met in Florida, then lived in Georgia, Alabama and now Colorado! We have three dog fur-babies and four cats! We both love doing pretty much anything outside, building legos and playing board games. We must love each other A LOT because we run a business together and when not working are usually spending our time together!

I enjoy reading (send good book recommendations my way!) and writing (as you can tell from this blog!). I also enjoy crafting. I will try any craft once but the ones I love the most are sewing, crocheting and anything to do with my Silhouette. I don’t like or wear makeup and most days you can find me wearing sweats, so there probably won’t any fashion tips on this blog.

I’ll be writing about a little bit of everything but a lot of my posts will probably focus on infertility, clinical depression, and acid reflux, all of which I suffer from.

Welcome to my corner!