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Christmas Break 2017

This year most of my family came out here for Christmas. We had my brother & his new wife, my other brother, my mom, step-dad, uncle & of course, me, hubs, and our two fur babies. Everyone besides my uncle stayed at our house, he lives out here so he didn’t need to stay at our house 🙂

It was awesome!! I loved having everyone around for the holidays. Of course, around day 6 I was about ready for everyone to leave but I think everyone gets that feeling at some point when they have guests. It’s great having everyone but at some point you’re just like “i need my house back!!” Luckily by the time I started feeling like that, everyone left the next day anyway! My Grandma always told me “guests start to stink after 3 days” so I made it twice as long as she usually does!!

We had so much fun, it was my brother’s wife’s first time in Colorado so we made sure she got to do everything she wanted to. It snowed three of the days she was here which was all she wanted, so I was glad the weather cooperated! The only thing she wanted to do that we didn’t do was go to the zoo and that’s only because it was too cold!

Firstly, we worked on our lists for Santa:


And put the Christmas Tree & Train up:


Then it snowed the DAY BEFORE they were supposed to fly in! I was hoping it would last for her but luckily it snowed like a foot the night after they got here!


My sister-in-law & I made a cake to celebrate two of the three December Birthdays! My hubs birthday is after Christmas so we celebrated that one the day of!

(She did the fondant art)


We went to the mall & stopped in the Tesla store, man those cars are NICE…and EXPENSIVE! (My mom & I are in the car, this isn’t a picture of some strangers in the car lol!)


My brother & his wife built a snowman! (Don’t you just love his legs??)


We stopped at a lookout stop:


Looking for our party store, it’s out there somewhere:


And after everyone left…

We watched tv:


And slept:


Hope your holidays were merry! Mine were better than I thought they would be and for that I am grateful!





Just a wife, foster/adoptive mama, fur mama and small business owner sharing her life!

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