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Better Me, Better You

This year has started off with a BANG! I’ve been busy, busy, busy since the year started!

One thing my husband put in place (which has really helped me the last 3 days) has been to put a white board up in the kitchen where we write our to-do list. I am a HUGE NERD about crossing stuff off so it has been fun for me to make sure everything gets done and the board is empty at the end of the day! It has also been a HUGE HELP in making sure I don’t forget about the little things (like this blog). Every time I think of something to do I write it on the board so I can cross it off later. I’ve gotten so much done already this year!!

My clinical depression has definitely already crept up on me this year. Yesterday, I sat in the car crying for about 20 minutes while my husband comforted me. Just crying over ridiculous things but I couldn’t help it. Yesterday morning was really difficult to get out of bed. Sometimes depression can feel like a really heavy blanket that you just can’t take off. I curled under the blankets and hit the snooze button multiple times before I finally shook off my depression enough to get out of bed. I always feel better once I’m up and active but the getting out of bed is really difficult sometimes. The demons want you to stay down so they can keep bringing you down. My demons have a much harder time affecting me when I’m up and doing things so they try really hard to not let me out of bed.

One thing that helps me, that I know may not help others as it depends on your situation, is being able to tell myself “this feeling is temporary”. I was not always able to do this. It absolutely takes a lot to keep pushing those demons down. I just keep repeating “this feeling is temporary” over and over and pushing myself to get out of bed until I finally do. Sometimes this takes 15 minutes, sometimes it takes 45 minutes, but I just keep repeating until the demons go away.

I also met with a personal trainer this morning who I am going to start working with 2x a month. One of my goals is to get in shape in the hopes of getting pregnant. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen but I want to know that I did everything I could.

Cheers to a better me & a better you! Whatever your goals may be this year, I hope you strive to accomplish them!





Just a wife, foster/adoptive mama, fur mama and small business owner sharing her life!

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