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Vacay Pics

I just found these pics on my phone that I forgot I had taken while on vacay! There was no service at the farm so I didn’t even keep my phone on me! There’s not too many pics but I thought I’d share them anyways!

Beach View! The beach was about a minute walk from our condo.


Toes in the sand! Oh, it’s been too long!


The ONLY time I got to sit on the beach! I could have sat here all week! (Excuse my white legs but I live in Colorado!)


We did get a chance to go to a Manatee viewing site, and were surprised to find out that they had a place where you could pet sting rays! That’s only one of my FAVORITE things to do! These guys were so friendly too! They gave high-fives and swam up the wall to see you!


I think the sting-ray either came up to see me or gave me a high-five! Pure joy!!


I had to beg but I FINALLY got to Zaxbys!! I love Zaxbys sooooo much and it’s one of the things I’ve missed the most about the South!


My bridesmaid dress! Eventually I might get a picture of me even wearing it! I thought I might get cold in it, seeing as it was an outdoor wedding but the weather was so perfect I didn’t even get chilly!


There’s the pics from my Vacay! If you missed the original post, here’s the link:






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