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Vacay 2k17

Sorry for the long absence but I was *kind of* on vacation!

My brother got married! And, oh, it was a beautiful wedding! The week leading up to it was *rough* but isn’t that what happens when two families have to get to know each other?? (I hope so)

I say I was *kind of* on vacation because there wasn’t much relaxing done! I spent 1 (ONE) hour on the beach and our condo was right by it!!

We spent most of the week at my new sister-in-laws parent’s farm, getting it ready for the wedding! Although it wasn’t the most relaxing, I had a lot of fun getting to know her and her family and seeing her with my brother.

Is there any better feeling than knowing that your brother has found his perfect match? (I’m tearing up now just thinking about their wedding). They are just so perfect for each other. I’m really thankful to have her in our family.

We worked A LOT so I can’t really call it a vacation but it was fun nonetheless! I’m a crafty person and so is my sister-in-law so I enjoyed helping her make most of the things for her wedding!

The day of the wedding, I was a little bossy and ended up in charge of a lot of things!! Such as: decorating the tree they were getting married under & the cake! I ended up in charge of making sure the cake was safe and unboxing it!!! (I don’t know who thought putting me in charge was a good idea!!) But everything went smoothly and it was beautiful.

I was a bridesmaid, which was my first time! We took tons of pics, which I can’t wait to see! They each wrote their own vows and I cried. They were so so sweet! Then at the reception, my brother’s best man gave a toast that made me cry again!

While the wedding turned out beautiful, my poor sister-in-law was so stressed out leading up to it! I really tried to take on some of her stress, get stuff done, and make sure people stayed out of her hair!

I am so so thankful to have cool in-laws (I hear that some of them can be pretty nasty!) and am so glad she’s not like that!!

Even though her wedding was beautiful, the stress of the week made me thankful for my wedding. It was me, my future husband, the justice of the peace and a witness the courts gave us, it was perfect!!! If I had my wedding to do all over again, I’d do it the EXACT SAME WAY!

Big weddings are fun, although stressful, but I think they are for others, not me!

I always felt that there would never be anyone good enough for my brother. (Aren’t all big sisters that protective?) I’m so glad that A came along and proved me wrong! My brother is the HAPPIEST I’ve ever seen him! And I’m glad that they get to be happy together for the rest of their lives!

Now I have one more brother who gets to find his perfect match!

Now that I’m back, I’ll try to write a couple more posts!







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