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The System Failed Them

I know that there are a lot of children in the foster system. I realize that the end goal for all of these children is adoption. I know that these caseworkers have A LOT of cases on their plate. I realize that things slip through the cracks.

But here’s the thing:

FOSTER CHILDREN SHOULD BE GIVEN A VOICE. They should be listened to. They didn’t ask to be foster children. They have had very little/no choice in the matter. They should, at least, be sat down & asked if they are ok with being adopted out of state. But no, they’re not. The end goal is adoption & caseworkers do not care if that’s in state or out of state, they just want to get them adopted & off their caseload.

My boys SHOULD HAVE been asked if they wanted to move out of state. They would have SAID NO! They said it to us DAILY for the last 4 months that they wanted to go “home”. They NEVER wanted to move. But were they asked if they wanted to move? NO!

If there is one thing I wish the caseworkers would listen to, it’s this:

GIVE THESE CHILDREN A VOICE. Sit down and talk to them, listen to them. They didn’t put themselves in foster care. They didn’t ask to be taken away from their biological family. They didn’t have a choice in any of this, so at least give them a choice of moving out of state or not. At least give them a choice in choosing their adoptive family. Let them have SOME SAY in being adopted because they’ve had NO SAY up until then.

We will always, always love the boys. They were a part of our lives. We had planned for a future with them.

I am heart broken, upset, sad, and angry with a system that didn’t listen to our boys.

I am also thankful for the time I had with them. I will always remember them. They will always be a part of our family, no matter how short their time here was.





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