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I’m getting more views here but it seems like I have less and less to write. Well, that’s not true. I’ve got plenty to write but every time I sit down I can’t remember any of it. When I’m driving I can always come up with plenty of ideas or things I need to write about but that seems to all fly out of my head when I have time to sit down here.

Our kids are moving here in 13 DAYS!! WOOHOO! This process from start to finish (well from starting all the paperwork to the kids moving here) has taken OVER a year. So, adoption is longer than pregnancy, if you were wondering. We have been finishing last minute things around the house in preparation! So many people have also asked when they can come visit and meet the kids, we are so loved!! I’ve finished a lot of decorating around the house. Next week we are going to the grocery store to stock up on their favorite foods!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared. Life is changing BIG TIME. We are so so excited. But there is also a little sadness and fear for life changes. I believe that’s normal though. We’ve gone 7 years with no kids, just the two of us. We are used to that. We’re not used to kids. We’ll get used to it but with all changes there will be an adjustment period. I’m ready for that. It’ll be hard on all of us. I’m ready for that too.

7 years with just the two of us has been awesome but I’m also ready to add to our family. I’m ready for kids. I’m scared, I mean who wouldn’t be? But when we FaceTime and they call us Mom & Dad and count down the days until they move here, my heart just explodes with happiness. This is my path. This was always my path. I just had to trust in God to get us here.





Just a wife, fur mama and small business owner sharing her life!

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