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The Visit

After going back and re-reading my blog posts, I realized that I never posted about the kids visit out here!

At the beginning of March we got a phone call from the kids caseworker telling us that a visit had been approved! We had been told it was a long shot so we had already put the visit out of our minds because we figured it wouldn’t happen so to hear it had been approved was AWESOME!

The kids flew out with their caseworker the next week, and they even got to go in the cockpit and take a picture with the pilot! Southwest was SO GREAT to them, aside from letting them go in the cockpit they also gave them a GIANT bag full of those little bags of peanuts:


I was sitting in the office, which looks out over our front yard, so I could see them pull up. As soon as they did, I yelled for hubs and ran outside. B jumped out of the car and ran so fast up to me to hug me! It was one of the best feelings of my life. L was right behind him! Then they hugged Dad and ran into the house. They first chased after the dogs, Tron was loving it, Chewey was hating it. Chewey ran into his cage and basically hung out there for the whole week.

For the next week, we played basketball, video games, board games, wrestled, danced, played catch, played soccer, went to the park and just had an amazing time. Eventually, Chewey started coming out his cage and would let the kids pet him but he still wasn’t sure about being picked up and carried around! Tron would lick anyone’s face for as long as they would let him! One of the best parts of the trip (for me) was introducing them to Great-Grandma, who lives right next door. They loved her! Whenever they would see her leave, they would run over and give her hugs. When they saw her come back, they would run over and help her take her groceries into the house. They asked to go to Great-Grandma’s house and see her and Sofee (her cat).

Of course, my all-time favorite things was hearing them say Mom and Dad. I had to go to the grocery store one night because we ran out of apple juice and B gave me a huge hug before I left and another hug when I got back! One day I was making lunch while they were playing outside and B comes in, I told him lunch wasn’t ready and he said I know, I just wanted to give you a hug, Mom. They are just two of the sweetest kids and we are so blessed that we get to be their forever family.

By the end of the week, we were EXHAUSTED. Entertaining two kids all day is no joke! We spent the next two days just relaxing on the couch!

Overall, were there some hard times during the visit? Yes, of course. We’re basically four strangers all getting used to each other. But the good times far outweighed the bad and the visit was AMAZING. We miss them SO MUCH!





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