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Unanswered Prayers

Today I put on my country music (because Hubs was at work and he dislikes it) and one of my favorite songs (that I had forgotten about came on).

Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks. And as I sang along, the words spoke louder to me than ever before. “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers…some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

Those words resonated with me so strongly today. I am SO THANKFUL FOR UNANSWERED PRAYERS.

I remember 5 years ago (wow, 5 years), sitting in the fertility doctor’s office. He had all our test results. I remember before that appointment praying with all my heart that he WOULDN’T tell us IVF was our only option. That was the only thing I DIDN’T want to hear. And God didn’t answer my prayer. In fact, it was almost the opposite, we were told that we could do other treatments but IVF would give us the best chances (25%, which come on is still small, although much bigger than the less than 1% chance he gave us of conceiving naturally).

I WAS SO ANGRY. How could God do this to me? Had I not been righteous enough? Was I not faithful enough? Not good enough? How could he NOT answer my prayers?

I had no idea at that time that two beautiful children had already been born and before they got to me, they would go through things I couldn’t even imagine. I had no idea that they existed or that they would be mine one day.

Even though I thought God was ignoring me, he was just preparing me. 5 years ago, I could not understand why God was not answering my prayers. 5 years later, I understand. I see the greater plan that He was always preparing me for.

I am SO THANKFUL for unanswered prayers!






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