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The Good

So many things have gone right lately!

The contracts have been negotiated! And signed by us and our agency! We are just waiting on the other state to get their *stuff* together and then we begin the ICPC process! We have been told time frames anywhere from 1-3 months, we are hoping closer to 1 month of course! Once the paperwork gets to our state, our caseworker will be able to track it and find out where it is, so we are mostly just waiting for the other state to figure *stuff* out.

The kids still know who we are! They do call us Mom and Dad as well as their foster parents but we know once they get out here, we will be their only Mom and Dad so that should simplify things for them. I love seeing their adorable faces when they hold the camera RIGHT UP to their faces. I love seeing them dance or ask if they can dance for us (the answer is ALWAYS yes!). Even though it makes me dizzy, I love when they give tours of their bedroom or chase after the dog because it means that they want to do those things with us!

We are still working on decorating their bedrooms so that keeps me busy. Whenever I get down about how long this process is taking, I start planning their Welcome Home/ (possibly a birthday) party. Our families and friends can’t wait to meet them so I am thinking of throwing a small party. We own a party store so you’d think I’d be better at planning these things!

We FINALLY FINALLY got our sign for our store! We have been trying to run a business for 6 months without a sign and it is really difficult! It looks so amazing and we are really really excited! We definitely feel that having the sign will bring us more business.

I feel like every blog I’ve written lately has been negative so I wanted to focus on the good in this blog. So many things are hard lately that we forget to celebrate the good things, the things that have gone right.

God is good. He is guiding everything and we have complete faith in Him and His timing.





Just a wife, fur mama and small business owner sharing her life!

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