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Adoption Update!

So for the last 4 or so months, we’ve been waiting to hear about a sibling group that we inquired about. We had to wait for them to have a meeting to talk about everyone who put in home studies and make a final decision. Well that decision happened last week and we were chosen!!!!

After we found out, our employees threw us a SURPRISE ADOPTION PARTY! It was one of the sweetest, most amazing things I’ve ever had done for me. They had cake, balloons and a card that they had all signed. Even just typing this, I’m crying again! My eyes have been full of happy tears lately and it has been wonderful!

We will be meeting the boys this weekend, which we are so excited and ready for!!

The only downside is that our adoption agency has suddenly decided that they need the whole adoption amount now as opposed to split up like they said before. This sucks because there was no fee contract that we signed so they basically can demand the money any time they want. (So for anyone else going through the adoption process MAKE SURE you sign some kind of fee contract so they can’t just demand money from you at anytime). I wish we could refuse and just send half but seeing as how we need them to do legal paperwork we don’t really want to piss them off. It really really sucks. But I guess we’ve learned something about contracts and fees. (I doubt there will be a next time but if we do decide to adopt again I will absolutely have the fees laid out for me and have that signed by both parties so this doesn’t happen again). ( I also would use a different adoption agency). It is sad because up until now they have been a good agency. I felt cared for and like they were on my side. Now I feel like it is all about the money which is funny because one reason why I chose this agency was because I felt like they cared about us as people and not just about the money.

Aside from legal paperwork, I could have done this adoption by myself. My husband and I have been in touch with the boys adoption worker and caseworker ourselves through this whole thing. Our agency hasn’t been in touch with them at all! The only thing we needed was somebody to do our home study and these post-placement visits.

If you are going to adopt from foster care, I would recommend doing some research and seeing if you can find a caseworker for yourself who can do your home study and pricing out a lawyer to do the paperwork. It may come out cheaper than going through an agency that doesn’t really care about you (or your potential children) but just wants your money. Or I would talk to your county foster agency and see if they can help you.

The bottom line is:

Adoption Agencies DO NOT CARE about foster care adoption. It is not lucrative. They cannot make as much money as international or birth mother adoption. They just. don’t. care.

Also, ALWAYS make sure you have a fee contract that has been signed. If the agency doesn’t have one, have them make one for you. If they won’t, you might want to think about using a different agency.





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