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Wait, what?

*This post was written in October 2016*

Over a month ago we put in an inquiry on a sibling group out of state. Honestly, I had kind of given up hope. I had lost faith in this process. There is just so. much. waiting. I figured they had picked someone else. But, I still emailed my caseworker and asked her to call their caseworker just to see if there was any news.

Then my caseworker called me.

It seems like this process is just a mess of emotions. Highs and lows. Excitement then disappointment. Waiting and then more waiting. My emotions change by the second.

So I answered. Hubby had JUST left to go to the gym.

“You are 1 of 3 home studies. I think the caseworker REALLY likes you guys. She asked a lot of questions about you and liked a lot of what she read.”

I’m soaring. WHY IS MY HUSBAND GONE WHEN THE GOOD NEWS COMES?!? I’m floating around the house with the hugest grin on my face.

And then,

“But they have to exhaust all their options in their state first. They want to keep these kids in state if they can. So they won’t be making any final decisions until December.”

I stop soaring. Stop floating. Smile gets wiped off my face. Come back to reality, Nikki. You are no closer to these kids than you were before you got this phone call.

Caseworker is still super positive. I am too. Because even though this phone call came with more waiting, it is still super awesome to be 1 of 3 home studies and what sounds like the favorite home study.

This whole process is just a rollercoaster. Highs and lows come at the same time. But honestly, I imagine that once we get whatever kids we are supposed to have, it will still be a rollercoaster. This process is just preparing us for when our kids finally come home.





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