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Adoption Training

*This post was written July 2016*

You would not believe everything we have to go through to adopt. Honestly, I don’t believe it sometimes.

We started our first training last week. A 3 hour class every week for 6 weeks. Plus homework. (I thought I was done with school!)

It’s not awful. I have learned some new stuff but I’ve also heard repeats of lots of stuff. I think the biggest problem is that our agency doesn’t do training so we have to go through another agency and they do their training before the home study so we are hearing repeats of things our caseworker told us when she did our home study.

For example, the homework is just questions off of the home study! I (jokingly) asked Cliff if we could just ask our caseworker to send over copies of her notes and we could turn those in!

Honestly, it’s irritating but I know our child has gone through so much in their short little life so a little irritation and repeats right now are nothing. Whenever I get irritated, I just go online and watch videos of kids that I could potentially adopt one day and I fall in love with adoption all over again. How can you not love the fact that you have been blessed to give one of these sweet, sweet children a home? How can I not be happy that God has led me in this direction?

Yes, it’s hard. But anything that’s easy isn’t really worth it!



July 2016



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