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Come Home

*This post was written July 2016*

I’m impatient. There is not a person who knows me who would say I’m patient. I don’t like waiting. I like things NOW.

Adoption is teaching me A LOT of things but I would have to say probably the MOST important one is: PATIENCE.

I don’t have a lot of control in this thing. I can’t hurry the background checks along. I can’t hurry the home study process up. I can’t do the training in one day (it’s six weeks!)

When I’m talking/emailing our caseworker and getting our paperwork lined up, in the back of my mind I’m screaming “I JUST WANT MY CHILD TO COME HOME!” And to be fair, she’s doing everything she can. She’s just as fast if not faster than I am about getting paperwork to me.

I’m on my knees every morning and night telling God to please let our child know that we are coming for them and we love them. I’m also asking for patience. Actually I’m asking for patience every second of every hour of every day.

I was complaining to Cliff one day about how it felt like everything was taking SO LONG and it hit me. How long has our child been waiting? Years? And I can’t wait a couple months to a year?

That thought has slowed me down a lot in this process. How can I complain about it taking SO LONG when our child has been waiting EVEN LONGER?

I’m still impatient but I’m learning to be more patient. I never thought adoption would teach me SO MUCH.

I still want my child home more than anything but I KNOW it will all happen in God’s timing. I just pray they know that they are wanted and they are loved SO MUCH already.






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