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Home Study Part 3

*This post was written June 2016*

Well, last night was the last one apparently. At the end of the meeting, she told us the next steps were for her to type this up and then she’d bring it over for us to read. I said “Wait, this is the last meeting?” She said “Yep! You’re done!”

And I should have jumped for joy or been happy or something but all I felt was a little sad and disappointment. I guess it was a little anti-climatic for me. Even though the home study is now done we STILL can’t look for kids because our training isn’t done and won’t be done until August. She can’t send the home study to the state for approval until the training is done. And that’s just really disappointing.

Again, I’m learning patience. Lots and lots of patience. Adoption is not a quick process. And I know God is leading the way but I’m so. over. it. Just bring my kid(s) home already!



June 2016



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