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*This post was written June 2016*

Honestly, I’ve always felt that the home study was the scariest part of adoption. This person comes to your home to judge you. They are the ONE person who can say “No, I don’t think they deserve a child” and that follows you. If they fail you, that home study STAYS on your record FOREVER no matter what agency you go to. Is that NOT SCARY?!?

I did a lot of reading and research before she came over for the first time. Most people said that these people DO NOT want to fail you and WANT you to have a child. But still.

And when that doorbell rang, my stomach was in my throat. And she was SO NICE. Talking to her was so easy. She walked through our house and was positive as could be. By the end of the visit, I was completely at ease. She even apologized for all the questions she was going to have to ask!

Of course we still have three or four more visits to get through, but we LOVE her!!



June 2016



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