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*This post was written back in May 2016*

I can’t post this yet because we haven’t told any of our family/friends that we’re adopting but I just HAD to write about it. We have decided to wait to tell anyone until the home study is complete. I’ve started the adoption process before and told everyone and then backed out so I want to wait until the home study is done because then it seems the MOST REAL to me.

Adoption has been in my heart and the back of my mind since I was in high school and learned about China’s one child policy. I talked to everyone I knew about adoption back then and in my heart always planned on adopting a child from China. Of course, this was after I had my 2-4 biological children.

Well, you know what they say: “When you make plans, God laughs”. While I was deep in my struggle with infertility, adoption was the last thing on my mind. After our second failed treatment, I started thinking about adoption but this time I wanted to adopt domestically, and not a newborn, but a child from the system who NEEDED a loving family and home.

I started looking into adoption and foster care when we were living in Alabama. I started making plans and guess what? Yep, God laughed! We were blessed to move to Colorado and start our own business and once again adoption was far from my mind.

About a year or so after the move, we started thinking about kids again. We were truly up in the air about trying treatments or adopting. But once again I just felt this STRONG pull towards adoption and not international adoption, not domestic infant adoption but foster care adoption.

So I began researching again and found a Christian agency. When I called them, the girl on the other end made me feel SO comfortable. We started the paperwork and she got promoted and wasn’t our caseworker anymore. Every time I called I spoke to a different person and no one seemed 100% sure what was going on. I became incredibly uncomfortable and we decided to walk away.

One of the things I’ve learned now is that foster care adoption is the LEAST expensive form of adoption and so a lot of agencies just aren’t interested in doing it. It’s not lucrative enough so some agencies feel that it’s not worth their time. (Sidenote: We ARE NOT choosing foster care adoption because of the cost. We would be willing to spend the money if we felt that international adoption was our course but we just don’t feel that way. Time and time again our hearts have been led to domestic foster care adoption.)

At the beginning of this year, the kid conversation came up again. We decided at first to look into fertility treatments but doctors are so expensive and at the end of day, I just DIDN’T want to put my body through that again. If God blesses us to get pregnant naturally, we’d be happy but we are just NOT comfortable going through treatments again.

So again, adoption filled my heart and mind. I did more research, called more agencies and finally settled on one. She was so positive about foster care adoption (or waiting child adoption) and I felt so comfortable. We’ve had a few bumps but I KNOW  in my heart this is the agency we NEED to be with and our child(ren) are out there waiting for us.



May 2016



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