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College Football

6+ years ago I was barely aware that college football existed. Basically all I knew was three things:

1.) We always cheered for BYU (mom & dad’s alma mater) over Utah.

2.) We always cheered for Michigan (uncle’s alma mater) over Ohio State.

3.) Michigan State vs. Michigan was a big game (uncle’s alma mater vs. grandpa’s alma mater).

Today I had an alarm set so I could come downstairs at exactly 9:45 to pick the college games for today. Hubby and I compete to see who’s record is best 🙂

6+ years ago I met my hubby and my knowledge of college football would forever change. I can watch the games now and know what’s going on. I read about injuries so I can know which team to pick. I know far more than I ever thought I would and I thoroughly enjoy it!





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