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I absolutely HATE being sick. I’m sure everyone hates being sick but I just really, really hate it. I hate resting. I hate not being myself. I hate not wanting to do things.

I was sick ALL LAST WEEK. ALL WEEK. I only started feeling better yesterday. Hubby took me to urgent care on Saturday (and luckily my doctor happened to be the on call doctor so I got to see him anyways!) and was given antibiotic and cough syrup. I think I would have started feeling better on my own but I am really thankful for doctors and health insurance because I definitely think I feel better now because of the medicines.

So now I am feeling behind on EVERYTHING.

I plan to cook my VERY FIRST Thanksgiving meal on Thursday and went shopping last night. I am actually really, really excited. I’m doing the turkey and everything!

I also need to catch up on my store work. Setting the holiday sections, and all that fun stuff. I handle ordering, pricing and setting so the holidays are not really a good time for me to be sick AT ALL. Luckily, I was ahead when I got sick so now I’m really just on schedule instead of being ahead or behind.

I also still have a couple Christmas presents that I need to make still, so gotta get on that too. Probably should be doing that instead of typing this but writing just really helps me.

Hmm what else? Not much. We watched the election. I’m not one to talk politics but I will say that Donald Trump made his money, whereas the Clinton’s came from money. Other than that, a part of me really would have liked to see a female president but maybe next time!

Luckily, hubby was able to avoid the sickness, I tried to stay away from him because I didn’t want to pass it on and it seems to have worked.

Well I guess it’s time to stop rambling and start playing catch up!



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College Football

6+ years ago I was barely aware that college football existed. Basically all I knew was three things:

1.) We always cheered for BYU (mom & dad’s alma mater) over Utah.

2.) We always cheered for Michigan (uncle’s alma mater) over Ohio State.

3.) Michigan State vs. Michigan was a big game (uncle’s alma mater vs. grandpa’s alma mater).

Today I had an alarm set so I could come downstairs at exactly 9:45 to pick the college games for today. Hubby and I compete to see who’s record is best 🙂

6+ years ago I met my hubby and my knowledge of college football would forever change. I can watch the games now and know what’s going on. I read about injuries so I can know which team to pick. I know far more than I ever thought I would and I thoroughly enjoy it!