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*DIY* Rocking Chair Fail

Not every DIY I set out to accomplish do I succeed. I would actually say the fail rate is much higher than the success rate (at least on the projects I do by myself, my hubby has a magic way of figuring things out no matter what happens).

I LOVE rocking chairs (I’m secretly a 60 year old woman, lol). There is just something so peaceful about sitting on the back porch just rocking back and forth. So we bought one for the back porch. And then my husband kept sitting in it. So I was on the lookout for ANOTHER rocking chair.

I wasn’t even searching for one when I found it. 75% OFF at Pier One. It was a STEAL, it was comfy, it was cute, it had to come home with me!


The only problem (reason why it was a steal) was that part of the wicker was starting to come up. (Fixer’s are never a deal breaker for me, if the price is right, I’m always game to try and fix something).


“Nothing a little super glue can’t fix” (I thought)

My tools:


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear gloves when dealing with super glue. I’m not a girly-girl, I don’t care about getting messy, I never wear gloves when painting but when it comes to super glue (and polyurethane) I always, always, always wear gloves.

Why? Because I always, always, always, super glue two fingers together. It never fails. I get super glue all over the gloves and if I wasn’t wearing them…well, I wouldn’t be able to type this blog right now.

Well, clearly from the title you already know this was a fail. I put on my gloves and super glued the heck out of the chair and the wicker WOULD NOT stick. Well, the first fail never stops me. So we went and bought Gorilla Glue (because it’s supposed to be stronger) and the wicker STILL WOULD NOT stick. Two strikes, I’m not out yet. I brought down my secret weapon, hot glue gun. And the wicker….STILL WOULD NOT stick. Three strikes, I’m out of ideas.

But, hey, the chair is still comfortable and the problem isn’t functional so I still use it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to figure out how to get that freakin’ wicker to stick to the frame!





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