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On Monday, I turned 28. It’s funny how 28 seems SO MUCH CLOSER to 30 then 27. Two years just seems closer than 3.

Anyways, in the weeks coming up to my birthday my hubby ALWAYS pesters me to pick out something I want for my birthday. One year he surprised me with a new oven that I’d had my eye on (seems lame but I was SUPER excited! it had double ovens!) This year I just couldn’t think of ANYTHING. (I know you’re thinking there has to be something but there just wasn’t.) I am perfectly happy with all the stuff I’ve got.

Finally, I realized there was something I wanted: a new hairstyle. I haven’t had my hair colored or cut in over a year and I was ready for a change. So after searching Pinterest (which is GREAT for finding hairstyles), I came up with a hairstyle and a color:



And color:



So armed with these two pictures, I headed over to Halcyon Spa, which is right in my neighborhood so super convenient! And honestly, I CANNOT say enough good things about this place. It beats the other spa that used to be there by 100%. Firstly, the atmosphere is SO comfortable, the music doesn’t suck, they bring you flavored water (mine had pineapple in it!) and warm, yummy cookies (it was seriously like they had just baked them, they were so warm and gooey!) Then, when she was washing the color out of my hair my stylist gave me a scalp massage. If that wasn’t enough, she then put a hot towel over my head (which felt amazing) and told me that they do free hand massages with EVERY color treatment and even that felt good! Lastly, and most importantly, my stylist was AMAZING. She looked at my pictures, let me describe to her what I wanted, told me what she thought and together we took the pictures and came up with the most amazing hair style for me! Literally, my husband told me it’s the best cut and color I’ve ever had since I’ve been with him! And I totally agree with him, in fact, it may be the best style I’ve EVER had!

So needless to say I will be returning to Halcyon Spa for ALL my hairstyle needs! (I also read they do massages there, so I may be returning to try one of those too!) I don’t give very many places 5 stars but they DEFINITELY get 5 stars in my book!

Without further ado, I present before and after:

I don’t have  a great before, but here’s two:

You can see how long it was:


And the color was just BLAH:





So much less hair, yay! The color doesn’t show up great in pics, but it’s awesome in person and I’m so in love!





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