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Light Changes

Hubby and I have been married 6 years! And in that 6 years, we have lived in 4 different states and 5 different houses. In EVERY. SINGLE. HOUSE. there have been light fixtures that HAD to be changed out. I counted yesterday and the total number of light fixtures we have changed out is: 12!

1.) We are fans of ceiling fans (this pun just made me LOL). So we have ALWAYS had to put at least one ceiling fan up if not more than one.

2.) Most of the fixtures in our homes have either been builder grade or just plain out of date (read ugly).

This home is NO exception. When we moved in a year ago, the first thing we did was change the light in the living room to a ceiling fan. And then nothing else. I think because we have moved SO MUCH there was a little hesitation on my part to really decorate and make this home feel like home. It is a PAIN to decorate, paint walls, put up pictures just to take it all down, fill holes, and repaint. After a year here, I am finally feeling settled and ready to decorate.

There is a room in our house that I imagine the builders would call the “formal dining room”. For a while we had our dining room table in there, but it just wasn’t us. We like to eat with the tv on and our kitchen/living is open so it was better for us to put the dining room table in there. So now we were left with an empty room and an ugly chandelier. IMG_2826

I am not a chandelier person but when a table was in there it wasn’t so bad. I could really just ignore it. But after we took the table out, we got new living room furniture and decided to put our old couch in this room:


Now I really couldn’t ignore it. It just hung SO LOW. It had to go. So off to Lowe’s and Home Depot we went. I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted, I just knew I HATED those mushroom lights.

When I saw this one, we both said “that one”:


And home with us it came. Now came the fun part (haha). I always forget how much I HATE putting in new light fixtures until it comes time to do it.

Here’s the rundown of how it went (no pics):

1.) Hubs goes outside to the power box (why is it outside?) and we spend 5 minutes on the phone going “is that it?” “no” “that one?” “no” “THAT one?” “YES!”

2.) Take ugly chandelier out (actually the easy part)

3.) Realize that this new light doesn’t hang down far enough to rest on the ladder while hubs connects the electricity

4.) Go get the stepladder and stand on tippy toes holding the light up while hubs connects the electricity.

5.) Realize that we should have screwed the bracket to the ceiling first, instead of to the light first. And that I am not tall enough to help using just the stepladder.

6.) Take light down. And thank God that we live next door to my grandparents, where we go and borrow their ladder.

7.) Put ladders side by side, I hold the light up while hubs connects electricity.

8.) My arms are screaming and I’m praying for strength while hubs tries to figure out how those tiny stupid screws hold this thing to the ceiling. (Tiny light was SURPRISINGLY heavy).



(See the two ladders side by side)

Tron and I relax on the couch, while enjoying our new light:


(Even big dogs need lap time)

New Light!!:



I was a little worried about the brightness, seeing as how we were going from 6 lightbulbs to 4 but it is just as bright! I also LOVE how it reflects on the ceiling!

Stay tuned for more house projects (eventually, my arms need rest first!)




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I LOVE a good bargain!

If you know me (and most of you probably reading this don’t so let me tell you:  I LOVE a good deal. I LOVE clearance sections. I grew up going thrift-store shopping. I’m also crafty (and have a pretty handy hubby) which comes in handy for fixing things up! Honestly, it is VERY difficult for me to pass up a good bargain.

One hot day in June, I opened my freezer to get a popsicle…and it was melted. Everything in the freezer was gross and mushy. Great. I called my husband over who pronounced our fridge d.e.a.d.

The funny thing was I had been eyeing a new fancy fridge, just because ours was older and outdated but there was NO WAY we could afford it yet. (We’re talking a $3-4000 fridge, I have expensive taste!) So I definitely hadn’t planned on our fridge dying ANYTIME soon.

So, knowing we couldn’t get the new, pretty fancy fridge we really wanted we headed to our local used appliance factory. We had already purchased a fridge for our store and a dryer from them and they have pretty good deals plus warranty options.

So I’m wandering around, looking and opening fridges, they all smelled funny, by the way, and I’m just kind of like I don’t care which one, they all suck, when I see it. A fridge that looks absolutely out of place. Grey stainless steel, two freezer drawers, just a super fancy fridge in the used appliance department. So I wander over, just to look, and when I get over there I see it is all dented and scratched (but this is the used department so it doesn’t bother me) so I open it and my jaw literally drops. It still has plastic on all the drawers and shelves. It then dawns on me,  THIS FRIDGE HAS NEVER BEEN USED. And it is 75% off!

I immediately call my husband over, who calls over the fridge guy, who tells us that it was delivered but when they were trying to get it into the house it got all dented and scratched up so, of course, the homeowners didn’t want it. And now it’s here, begging me to let it come home with me!

At 75% off, it felt like the deal of a lifetime. It was EXACTLY the fridge I’d been eyeing at Home Depot and Lowe’s. And who am I, the queen? What do I care if it’s dented and scratched? It works and that’s good enough for me!

So a week later (a week is a LONG time without a fridge), it came home and we are all so happy!

Oh, it’s so pretty! And the magnets are strategically placed to hide the worst dents and scratches:


Here’s a picture of what one of the scratches looks like:


It has that fancy cooling drawer, which we both love because now I can put my leftovers in there and my hubby doesn’t smell them anymore! (He has a very sensitive sense of smell)


And it also has that fancy door that opens so you can just reach in and grab things real quick:


Needless to say, we are VERY happy that our fridge chose to die at that point! Yay for new fridges and for ONE HECK of a bargain!



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On Monday, I turned 28. It’s funny how 28 seems SO MUCH CLOSER to 30 then 27. Two years just seems closer than 3.

Anyways, in the weeks coming up to my birthday my hubby ALWAYS pesters me to pick out something I want for my birthday. One year he surprised me with a new oven that I’d had my eye on (seems lame but I was SUPER excited! it had double ovens!) This year I just couldn’t think of ANYTHING. (I know you’re thinking there has to be something but there just wasn’t.) I am perfectly happy with all the stuff I’ve got.

Finally, I realized there was something I wanted: a new hairstyle. I haven’t had my hair colored or cut in over a year and I was ready for a change. So after searching Pinterest (which is GREAT for finding hairstyles), I came up with a hairstyle and a color:



And color:



So armed with these two pictures, I headed over to Halcyon Spa, which is right in my neighborhood so super convenient! And honestly, I CANNOT say enough good things about this place. It beats the other spa that used to be there by 100%. Firstly, the atmosphere is SO comfortable, the music doesn’t suck, they bring you flavored water (mine had pineapple in it!) and warm, yummy cookies (it was seriously like they had just baked them, they were so warm and gooey!) Then, when she was washing the color out of my hair my stylist gave me a scalp massage. If that wasn’t enough, she then put a hot towel over my head (which felt amazing) and told me that they do free hand massages with EVERY color treatment and even that felt good! Lastly, and most importantly, my stylist was AMAZING. She looked at my pictures, let me describe to her what I wanted, told me what she thought and together we took the pictures and came up with the most amazing hair style for me! Literally, my husband told me it’s the best cut and color I’ve ever had since I’ve been with him! And I totally agree with him, in fact, it may be the best style I’ve EVER had!

So needless to say I will be returning to Halcyon Spa for ALL my hairstyle needs! (I also read they do massages there, so I may be returning to try one of those too!) I don’t give very many places 5 stars but they DEFINITELY get 5 stars in my book!

Without further ado, I present before and after:

I don’t have  a great before, but here’s two:

You can see how long it was:


And the color was just BLAH:





So much less hair, yay! The color doesn’t show up great in pics, but it’s awesome in person and I’m so in love!