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Faith is a hard concept. It’s hard to hold onto faith sometimes when everything around you doesn’t make sense. You may wonder will God come through this time? I know He came through last time but what about this time? The answer is He will ALWAYS come through. It just may take more time than we want it to. It may not make sense the way we want it to.

My faith in God is not struggling. I have full and complete faith that God will come through and then it will all make sense.

What I’m struggling right now with is faith in OTHER people. Having faith that so-and-so will do what they say they are going to do because I’ve got a lot waiting on it. Honestly, I don’t try to do a lot of things that depend on other people. I like to do things that depend on me or my husband or family because I KNOW that they will come through.

Running a business means I have to put A LOT of faith in others. And it’s hard. I really hate that part. I sometimes wish I could just be in charge of everything. I wish I owned my building and didn’t rent. I wish I had a factory that made my products. If I had these things, then I wouldn’t have to wait on other people.

Faith in others. It’s not a concept that I ever really focused or thought about. I always focused on my faith in God but lately God’s been whispering to me to have faith in others. So I’ll try. I’ll really really try.

Faith and Patience. It seems that I’ve got some lessons to learn about them.





Just a wife, foster/adoptive mama, fur mama and small business owner sharing her life!

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