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Living with Acid Reflux

Back in October I got REALLY REALLY sick. For a week, I couldn’t keep anything down. I lost 20lbs. I went to the doctor and went back to the doctor until they FINALLY helped me. I was diagnosed with Gastritis and given two pills, one to take twice a day and one to take 3 times a day.

Gastritis is, basically, acid reflux. (If you want a better description, go look up gastritis). Basically, I woke up sick to my stomach in the morning and if I ate something that disagreed with me, I would be sick all day. I had to really watch what I was eating plus take 5 pills a day. Now, I’m not one who wants to take pills forever so I was trying every acid reflux natural cure I could find. They helped some but still EVERY MORNING I would wake up sick to my stomach. I called & emailed my doctor EVERY WEEK and he said it would just take time.

I’m not a patient person. I’m also lazy. I like to be able to eat what I want when I want it, I’ve always been able to and so this sucked. Finally, in JANUARY, I realized I had to change. It had been 3 months of waking up everyday sick.

I went to the library for books on acid reflux. I picked up “The Dropping Acid Diet”. I LOVE THAT BOOK! This book CHANGED my life. Not only does it give you recipes, it gives you the science behind acid reflux, and chapters on foods that have high acid and low acid.

Anyways, I had to change my diet and give up  A LOT of foods that I love. Chocolate, Tomatoes and Oranges were at the top of that list. But I found that as soon as I started changing my diet, I felt SO much better!

Eating for acid reflux is not easy but so worth it!





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